The Memoir of Darius Fischer: Free Excerpt

Tonight I wanted to share with you a sample of my recently released novelette which was published by Grinning Skull Press. The story is written in first person and in the form of journal entries. Darius Fischer documents the strange changes taking place in his body and mind after the death of his Native American... Continue Reading →


Case Study 26: James and Alice

Interruptions. They are a part of life but I still haven’t grown accustomed to them. In fact, I hate them so much I stopped taking walk-ins years ago… It was a Tuesday morning and I had just poured a fresh cup of coffee. The aroma was rising in my nose as my computer booted up... Continue Reading →

Case Study 16: Brandon

  Case Study 16: Brandon   I had just settled down for the night with a good book and a bottle of whiskey. The paperback I was reading was from 1987. C. Dean Anderson’s Torture Tomb. The cover had appealed to me so I snatched it up. I nestled into my recliner, flipped it open... Continue Reading →

Case Study 3: Michael

Sometimes, it’s not just the living who need help moving on from the past...but the dead.     I set the recorder down on the kitchen table. “Do you mind if I record our session together?”  “No,” Sara said, then shifted in her seat.  Sara Cane was a wife and mother of five. She had long... Continue Reading →

Leviathan’s Bride

Here is my poem from last weekend's Stitched Saturday in case you missed it. Remember the stories of Leviathan from the Old Testament? Remember the Lilith myth? Then you should check this out. Leviathan’s Bride By Ezekiel Kincaid   Into the sea, He tossed his love. Her body ravaged, And gushing blood.   The angel’s... Continue Reading →

Incarnate Love

Here is a poem I wrote for my wife for Mother's Day.   The thoughts I had in waking light, And the dreams that gathered in sleeping night.   Began to take shape in front of me— Thundering clouds and raging sea. The shining sun and fields of green, Burning stars and galaxies. The grandness... Continue Reading →


When the darkness howls, the light roars. I discovered this along time ago, but it never became a reality until I met Emile. Sometimes the dead speak, but only those with The Reach can hear them. What is The Reach? It is the rare, yet powerful ability to walk in the realm of the dead... Continue Reading →

The Second Woe

Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth…They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in the Greek he is called Apollyon. Revelation 9:3, 11 And I will grant authority... Continue Reading →

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