Why Horror? Part 2: Content

I want to jump right in and deal with one of the main accusations hurled at me: the content of my stories and the themes I deal with. Some of my readers and fans who are either of another religion or non-religious might not understand why this is a big deal in some Christian circles.... Continue Reading →


Why Horror? Part 1: An Introduction

In April 2017, I did something very provocative and unsettling for many people in my evangelical community. I became a horror author. Thus, the questions and accusations began: Why? What is wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? How can you do this? You are a minister. I think you are being led astray... Continue Reading →

The Rougarou

Below is a Goosebumps style story I wrote my oldest son. It's based on a Louisiana urban legend called the Rougarou, which is the Cajun version of a werewolf. Before you dismiss this story as just another werewolf tale, you should now we Cajuns provide our own little twists on werewolf folklore. Houma, Louisiana, July... Continue Reading →


  Wounded… Reaching into darkness. Fleeting… Like a vapor.   I reach for You, But I cannot find You. Instead I find pain. Instead I find sorrow.   I find myself. Alone with myself. Facing myself, Erasing myself.   Submerged and drowning, I sink… Into the sea of misery; Into the abyss of pain.  ... Continue Reading →

Bloody Marinara

  Every now and then, I write some Goosebump style stories for my kids. Below is one I wrote for my oldest daughter last year. It's called Bloody Marinara.   Olivia placed the pizza on the kitchen table. “Emma! Ainsley! Food’s here!” she heard footsteps running down the stairs, followed by giggles. The three junior... Continue Reading →


Indomitable The anticipation hangs over us like a canopy.  I stare into the eyes of my foe.  He seems confident.  Confident that he will cause my downfall.  His face fills with delight as he thinks about my demise.  He thinks he is going to win,  But there is something he doesn't know- The harder you... Continue Reading →

Man of the Shadows

Man of the Shadows   Eyes all around me, But none of them really see Because the darkness I inhabit And the light has been made to flee.   People all around me, But none of them even care, To peer into the darkness, And see me standing there.   My life goes on unnoticed.... Continue Reading →

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